To be honest, the name, Sing Your Story, was my wife’s idea. I never really had a name for the collaborative songwriting games I play until now. I’m a professional musician and recording artist by trade and I was volunteering to read for second grade students for Learn United’s Real Men Read program. For our last day  I brought my guitar and we wrote a song together called Ms. Frizzle’s Arctic Adventure. It was so much fun that I found every excuse to do it again. I wrote group songs in classrooms, busking on street corners and even at the late night bar gigs. The more I did it, the more people asked me for it. From large groups and corporate events to personalized gifts, I’ve been lucky to work with people with no musical background or training, take their ideas and mold them into a song. After doing it so many times and so often, my wife said, “You should probably make official.” So there you have it. Now it’s on a website!

I’ve written and produced music for TV networks such as MTV, VH1, E! and the Oxygen Network, for brands such as Old Spice, Proctor and Gamble, UPS and more. I’m a classically trained tenor, professional actor, and a graduate of the University of MichiganSchool of Music. I started my professional at the age of 10 singing and touring with the American Boychoir School. Since then I have been able to tour the world, perform and record with Grammy Award winning artists and ensembles and I even sang on the  Grammy Award Winning recording – Bolcolm’s Songs of Innocence.  I am a vocal, songwriting and performance coach for Sweetwater Academy of Music, teach lessons via Skype and I work as a Healing Artist for Parkview Hospital, performing bedside for patients in need. I am the Music Director for the Jesters, a theatre ensemble forpersons with developmental disabilities and is also the front man for the energetic and engaging Americana JazzRock band, Fernando Tarango &The Wickersham Bros. I would love for you to find out more about my work and projects at www.fernandotarango.com